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  • Dr Julian Parkhill
  • Dr Julian Parkhill

    Head of Pathogen Genomics and Director of SequencingThe Sanger Institute

    Julian Parkhill gained his Ph.D. in 1991 from the University of Bristol through work on bacterial transcriptional regulation. He subsequently pursued post-doctoral research at the University of Birmingham, firstly on bacterial transcriptional regulation, and then on the transforming proteins of adenoviruses.

    Since joining the Sanger Institute in 1997, he has been involved in the genomic analysis of a large number of bacteria from a wide diversity of genera, including Bordetella, Burkholderia, Campylobacter, Chlamydia, Clostridium, Corynebacterium, Escherichia, Haemophilus, Mycobacterium, Neisseria, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Yersinia and many others.

    He is currently Head of Pathogen Genomics, responsible for all of the pathogen genomic analysis projects being undertaken at the Sanger Institute, which now include single genome projects, large-scale comparative genomic analyses and very high-throughput variation detection on numerous bacterial and parasite species. He has recently also taken on the role of Director of Sequencing, with a strategic responsibility for the sequencing division within the Institute. His particular scientific interest is in using genomic information to understand the evolutionary histories and virulence strategies of pathogenic bacteria.

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Professor  Brian Duerden CBE

Professor Brian Duerden CBE

Inspector of Microbiology and Infection Control
The Department of Health (DH)

Professor Brian Duerden is the Inspector of Microbiology and Infection Control at the Department of Health. He is responsible for ensuring the quality and consistency of clinical and public health... Read more