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Govtoday announces the launch of Reducing HCAIs 2010 - A Transformation Process: Embedding the Culture of Patient Safety Conference and Exhibition which will be held on the 8th September 2010, at Church House, Westminster.

Reducing HCAIs is a series of Conferences developed by GovToday to target the problem of Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs) in the health and social care system, ‘acquired as a consequence of a person’s treatment by a healthcare provider/worker in the course of their duties in hospital, or as a result of medical care delivered in the community’.

The new Coalition Government has reaffirmed the commitment "to improve outcomes for patients and drive up quality within the NHS. Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has emphasised: "A top-down, one-size fits all approach will be replaced with the devolution of responsibility to clinicians and the public, with an improved focus on quality. Patient safety and ensuring quality care remain at the heart of the approach to Reducing HCAIs, with the Care Quality Commission also strengthened in its role as an effective quality inspectorate.

Despite national progress on this agenda, mistakes continue to be made and the common themes of systemic failure, lack of leadership and effective training lead to a collapse in the culture of patient safety with serious ramifications for the health service.

Reducing HCAIs 2010 - A Transformation Process: Embedding a Culture of Patient Safety Conference and Exhibition will examine why mistakes continue to be made, the changes required and reviews the role of innovation both in terms of working practices and the products and services now available to enable the transformation process.


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Janice Stevens CBE

Janice Stevens CBE

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